Here’s What You Could Be Paying For Street Cleaning Tickets

Mayor Villaraigosa’s latest proposed budget includes raising parking fines, especially in the street sweeping category. As the LA Times points out, the fines are high and will be hard on neighborhoods with mostly apartment buildings and too few parking spaces. (See here for more on the numbers involved in LA’s parking and parking fines.)

— Street sweeping would go up to $78
— Parking in a red zone would go up to $98.
— Parking too close to a hydrant would go to $73.
— Parking in a fire lane would hit $68.

The city collected $134 million in parking fines last year, one-third of which were for street cleaning–it’s expected to pull in $150 million this year.  Still, the number of tickets has decreased–it was at 3.2 million six years ago and is expected to be at 2.5 million this year.  We drivers must be learning.

So keep your eyes up when you park and read the signs thoroughly. Don’t think you’ll “only be a minute” as I’ve seen parking enforcement officers swoop down, write that ticket, take a picture of your dash to prove you didn’t hang up that handicap placard, and fly away in only three minutes.

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