Free Rain Garden from LADWP

Do you live in the Northeast San Fernando Valley? If so, your home may qualify to participate in the L.A. Rain Gardens “pilot program”. LADWP, TreePeople, and Generation Water are looking to install 310 rain gardens in the communities of Arleta, Mission Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Pacoima, Panorama City, Shadow Hills, Sunland-Tujunga, Sun Valley, Sylmar, and Van Nuys, all at absolutely no cost to the homeowners.

The LA Rain Gardens program is a great way to help your community by improving the local environment, while at the same time making your home more beautiful. Sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, TreePeople, and Generation Water, the purpose of the program is to install 310 rain gardens in the Northeast San Fernando Valley, all at absolutely no cost to the homeowners.

Rain gardens are low water use, benefit the local environment by using only California-friendly plants, prevent polluted water from draining to the oceans, and recharge local groundwater. Click here to read more about rain gardens and their benefits.

The LA Rain Gardens program is offering two choices for the homeowner: a Do It Yourself option, (DIY) as well as the option of having the rain garden installed by a team of Generation Water employees. (Let us Do It!) Both options cost the same for the homeowner: nothing. For the Do It Yourselfers, the homeowner will be required to purchase all necessary materials, but will be reimbursed up to $500 per rain garden (maximum of two rain gardens per household) by the LADWP upon completion of the rain garden. For those who choose to have the rain garden installed, the Generation Water team will take care of all aspects of the installation, free of charge.

The Do It Yourself Option

If you choose to install your own rain garden, there are a few steps before you start digging. First, you must make sure your home is a suitable location for a rain garden, and available for the DWP rebate. You can check these requirements here. Second, you will either attend a workshop organized by TreePeople, in which you will learn everything you need to know about installing a beautiful and water efficient rain garden, or you will need to take an online quiz about rain garden installation.

The homeowner will be reimbursed for all purchases made for the rain garden by the DWP, up to $1,000.

If you’re ready to start the DIY process, click here!

Let Us Do It

If you choose to have a Generation Water team install your rain garden, the first thing you must do is schedule a site evaluation where we will verify the suitability of your home for a rain garden. You can check the basic requirements for a site here, to avoid scheduling an unnecessary site evaluation. Once the site evaluation is complete, we will schedule a time to return to install the rain garden. Each installation will last approximately 3 hours.

If you’re ready to have us install your rain garden, click here!

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