I’m doing the “Walk For Lupus Now” this Saturday. I’ll take a dollar.


I’m doing the Walk For Lupus Now this Saturday. Times are tough for all of us, but I hope you can give a dollar to the cause. 100 pennies! Check under the sofa cushions, dump out your Arrowhead jug, every little bit helps.

What’s in it for you? A tax deduction, and more importantly, the right to walk around self-satisfied and superior because you donated to a worthy charity. The larger the donation, the larger the ego you can flaunt!


INTERNATIONAL DONATIONS ALSO WELCOME! It’s via secure credit card transaction, so there are no boundaries :) Thanks in advance!

I will be walking with Club Mo, which is in support of Maurissa Tancharoen-Whedon (yes, of the Whedons), a very cool and talented lady.  She has lupus and chronicles her trials and tribulations (most recently with organ failure and chemotherapy–yikes!) in her blog: http://itssonotsexy.tumblr.com It’s well worth a read and will give you insight into the daily struggles of someone who is severely affected by the disease.

And if you want to pass this around your ‘verse, Thank you again!

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