A “Honey-Don’t” List (aka Why Marsia Doesn’t Buy Food From China)

Buying locally grown food products has always seemed to be a reasonable thing to do, but, as we learn more about the problems with imported foods, it’s becoming even more preferable.

An investigation by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which just shut down after 146 years in business, focused on imported honey.  What they discovered was pretty shocking.

The US imported 237 million pounds of Honey last year.  China has been redirecting honey for import into this country in an effort to avoid tariffs.  Much of this honey was routed through places like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, India and Malaysia.  Some was labeled as coming from Russia, and even from other places such as Singapore that don’t even have commercial beekeepers.

The problem is even worse considering that this Chinese honey is often diluted with sugar water or corn syrup and contaminated with pesticides and/or antibiotics.

Originally in Alternatives for the Health-Conscious Individual, May 2009

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